For industries focused on culinary and flavor development, images often have more impact than words. After all, we eat with our eyes.

Our team of researchers visit global food service outlets, supermarkets, speciality chains and influential independents, photograph limited time offers and upload these shots to the Capchavate platform using F&B focused tagging to enable smarter industry search. This is complemented by our research team tracking the world’s largest food service and convenience retail chains to record LTOs and new launches, ensuring 1000s of outlets and stores globally are added and analysed in our database continuously.

This launch data provides insight to what is available on menus at global chains as well as showcases creative flavor and presentation inspiration from independent cafes and stores in locations as diverse as Singapore, Seoul, San Francisco and Sydney.

Competitive intelligence is one step in the creative process to inspire flavor development and innovating menu application. A business tool powered by AI that enables users to select images and arrange into mood boards that can be dowloaded into sharable presentation adds valuable utility.

Users can also upload their own food service and product images on a corporate setting that is only accessible by their colleagues. These shots can also be tagged, searched and downloaded into Capchavate's signature mood boards to build dynamic and inspired food and beverage concepts to be shared conveniently.

These services are combined with powerful analytics driven by machine intelligence that tracks flavors, category and country launch to provide a predictive overview of what ingredients are emergent, proliferating and established.

Industry focused business intelligence provides foresight into rapidly changing flavor trends and insight into evolving taste preferences, nutritional demands and food trends. This is all underpinned by the latest technology in artificial intelligence analytics to provide downloadable reports that inspire confident decision making.

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