Creative business tools powered by AI developed for the food and beverage industries.
Competitive intelligence, trend forecasting, digital mood boards and flavor predictions powered by AI in one convenient platform to help inspire new culinary and ingredient product development using accurate forecasting.
Connecting teams with rich visual inspiration to add more value to the innovation process.
Effortless business tools allowing users to upload, tag and search images with industry specific terms, organising intelligence into sharable reports.
Intuitive search utilising artificial intelligence with a strong mission.
Real time competitive intelligence complimented by images taken by you and your colleagues to form a unique combination of external inspiration and organisational database.
Time saving drag and drop editing tools to create beautifully presented digital mood boards.
Tools that enable users to select images and arrange into online mood boards to be shared with marketing, sales and R&D teams - and your clients - inspire new culinary and product development as well as instantly communicate new flavor trends. Visual inspiration is robustly supported by category, channel and flavor analytics based on real time trends.
Future forward food and beverage intelligence analyzed by our experienced team of trend forecasters supported by world’s only food service focused flavor tracker.
New flavor trends, updated culinary formats, changing nutritional needs, innovative new presentation and packaging ideas in comprehensive reports underpinned by a variety of consumer industry validation metrics to support product development and culinary innovation.
Global food service LTO and flavor data utilising proprietary artificial intelligence tools to enable informed business decisions.
Ingredient performance segmented by country, channel, occasion and food/drink categories based on real time global tracking along with macro analysis on timelines by geography, category and performance to instantly communicate whether ingredients and flavors are trending, proliferating or have become established, powered by the latest technology in AI analytics.
Inspiration, functionality and the analytical tools needed to create and launch new food and beverages on one convenient platform. Capcha. Innovate.

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Capchavate was developed by Asian Consumer Intelligence...

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